Design for Conversion
Creative and focused sales tools crafted to connect with your buyers.

Creating original sales tools for resort and urban real estate has formed the core of Resolve’s design practice for 17 years. During this time, our interactive design, lifestyle films, projection mapping, and exhibitry have been used to sell millions of square feet of real estate throughout Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

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To create the best digital and traditional sales tools, we simplify interface elements and content so our designs work specifically with the device and context they will be utilized in. This approach constantly proves itself and allows sales staff and clients to interact naturally (and seamlessly) with product information, floorplan selection, and project visualization — streamlining the sales process.

But creating simple experiences does not mean executing simple design — Resolve has developed a deep understanding of the modern sales process to produce detailed sales tools through our work with some of the most successful developers and marketing companies in North America. These companies have come to trust our content recommendations and design expertise as well the stability and reliability of the digital platforms we develop on.

If our interactive touchscreens and masterplan projection projects are the ‘logic’ of real estate sales then our film-based storytelling lets us bring aspiration and emotion into the sales process with the ‘magic’. Using carefully prepared scripts, first-person interviews, artful cinematography, professionally scored and produced soundtracks, and leveraging our specialty in creating sophisticated motion graphics, our films have helped drive traffic and set our client’s projects apart.

Resolve works both directly with developers and as collaborators with other designers and agencies.

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