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Motion Design, Interactive Design, Illustration, Graphic Design

Harmony is a 1750-acre master-planned community located just outside Calgary, Alberta. The massive scale of the development – including a 35-acre village centre, man-made lake, golf course, and surrounding green spaces – meant a typical three-dimensional architectural model would be rendered at such a small scale as to make many features virtually indistinguishable. Resolve Design proposed replacing the physical model with a user-controlled masterplan projection-mapped to an 8-foot diameter circular table. Via a touchscreen interface, Discovery Centre visitors have the flexibility to zoom from a wide-scale projection of the illustrated masterplan in its entirety to a number of detailed views highlighting discrete features and amenities offered within the community. A live drawing feature allows the sales team to highlight key views of the masterplan in real time for a customized experience tailored to the individual visitor.

A three-screen video loop of panoramic landscape imagery and brand messaging welcomes visitors to the sales centre. Important aspects of the development, such as the sustainability initiative and the Village Centre amenities map, are explored through additional touchscreen applications designed and programmed by Resolve Design, located throughout the sales centre. A touchscreen app also allows visitors a hole-by-hole exploration of the Phil Mickelson-designed championship golf course and insight on his approach to course design.

Building design, strategy, and fabrication were carried out by Marcus Braun and Three Dimensional Services. Interactive design, motion design and illustration were produced by Resolve Design, based on the brand design of Marcus Braun.

Building design, strategy and fabrication
3 Dimensional Services Inc
experiential design, strategy and brand design
Marcus Braun
Interactive, motion and graphic design
Resolve Design
Resolve Design