The Surrealist Revolution in Art

Dispatches from the Ministry of Public Imagination.

Vancouver Art Gallery

Exhibit Design

Resolve Design employed unexpected colour choices and spacial design to create moody, mysterious, dreamlike spaces and revealing sight lines for The Colour of My Dreams: The Surrealist Revolution in Art, an exhibition of diverse and exciting surrealist artworks curated by Dawn Ades. Title treatments moving between playful, whimsical, and bold, evoked the ephemera of the time, setting the stage for each theme in the exhibition.

Narrow, dark galleries embraced Joseph Cornell’s intricate assemblages while beyond, warm plum-cherry walls pulled visitors into a room lined with Cadavre Exquis. A bright, wide room emulating Joan Miró’s spare painting-poetry juxtaposed sharply with a neighbouring space painted a rich, deep grey, signalling a thematic shift from benign lightness into something darker, more mysterious, and possibly malevolent.

Dawn Ade