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Port of Prince Rupert Interpretive Centre

Bringing 10,000 years of trade to life.

Prince Rupert Port Authority

Exhibit Design, Film Design, Motion Design, Interactive Design, Content Development

Trade has taken place in and around modern day Prince Rupert for thousands of years. Resolve designed and developed interactive, video, and motion graphic exhibits to give port visitors both a glimpse into the past and a look to the future of this internationally significant port.

A three-screen video introduces interpretive centre visitors to port facilities and operations, while large-scale motion graphic content reiterates the Port of Prince Rupert’s efficiency and its strategic advantages as the closest North American port to Asia. A touch screen exhibit invites visitors to move through 10,000 years of Prince Rupert’s trade-related history and a large interactive projection-mapped exhibit puts Prince Rupert on the world stage, showing visitors how goods travel between Asia and Prince Rupert, then to their final destinations along North American rail corridors.

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